Gorgeous Balcony Decorating Ideas

Your balcony can become your favorite relaxation place if you know how o combine functional and comfortable decorating items. Regardless its size and shape, a balcony is a great home addition and if you have it, you shouldn’t let it waste in a plain and boring design. You can do wonders for a balcony with the right decorations that can make the space more welcoming, so take a look at these gorgeous balcony decorating ideas and get your inspiration from them.

Winter magic

This balcony looks like a winter fairy tale thanks to the small lights and the white candles that create a pale light. Most of the decorating are based on the idea of comfort and coziness and you can see that from the fluffy furs that cover the metallic chairs and the white rug. A little metallic shelf in a corner to hold the flower pots, a few lamps here and there, and you have a balcony that will complement a winter landscape.

Colorful kitchenette

To gain more house space, you can always turn your balcony into a small kitchenette as practical and fully-equipped as a regular kitchen. Our suggestion is to use the side wall to install the sink and oven along with some storage shelves. Underneath the windows, place a long bench that will fit your entire family and will offer you an amazing view and keep the center for the dining table. Some retro posters along with colorful chairs and decorating pillows will complete the joyful design.

Black and white

An open balcony can become a relaxation corner where you can enjoy your morning coffee or read a good book while breathing some fresh air. There is no need to invest in plenty of decorations when you can play with materials and textures like this combination of white and black and wood and metal. The small wood chair and table can sit next to the metallic rail decorated with white flowers pots in a metallic holder. The black and white pillow and rug complete the simple yet elegant balcony design.

Flowery balcony

Let’s not forget the main purpose of a balcony which is to hold you precious and beautiful flowers. Mix your passion for flowers with your need for relaxation in a balcony design consisting of large flower pots that surround a lounge corner. Place two willow chairs and a small round table in a corner and keep shade with some greenery that will increase the feeling of freedom and closeness to nature.