How to Rid Your Home of Unpleasant Odors

Each house is likely to have a particular odor that is a combination of the people living there, their personal care items, their cooking habits, or their cleaning routine. But what if the odor starts to become hard to bare and it makes the house uncomfortable to live in? In this case, some air cleaning tips are in demand in order to get rid of the unpleasant odors.

Let clean air come inside the house

The first thing you need to do is ventilate the house as much as possible by opening the windows early in the morning to let the fresh air spread inside your home. Although outdoor pollution is a risk, the chances of bringing outdoor impurities in your house are lower in the morning because that is when the air is at its cleanest. Let the morning breeze surround your bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen for a feeling of freshness.

The air purifier can capture bad smells

Many of the air particles that wander around your house are responsible for the unpleasant odors you could notice in any room. From the dust particles that make the air feel heavy to pet dander or chemical toxins caused by items in your house, there are many reasons why your air might smell bad. The best solution for fighting nasty odors is to use an air purifier that captures even the smallest air particle to make sure the air remains fresh and clean. The air purifier filters the air and ensures the impurities remain inside its filters while the air released back into the room will be cleaner.

Get rid of the heavy mold smell

Mold and mildew are one of the main causes for unpleasant home odors due to the mold spores that spread through the air. You can immediately sense the smell of mold in a room with excessive air humidity where mold spores rapidly develop and spread. If you get rid of the air humidity, you will get rid of the mold and the bad mold odor so consider getting a dehumidifier for your house to adjust the air humidity. As it absorbs water from the air, the dehumidifier also absorbs the mold spores and ensures a fresh and clean living environment.

Wash the kitchen with lemon juice

If you sense a bad odor in the kitchen and you don’t want to resort to scented chemicals that add even more particles to the air, try washing the counters, the stove, and even the trash bin with lemon juice or white vinegar that are known to work in breaking bad odors. The acid in lemon juice or vinegar is a very powerful cleaning product that not only destroys odor particles but also fights bacteria that could cause the bad odors.

Scent the air naturally

The hallway could smell bad because it is very close to the front door and many odors come from outdoors. Also, your shoes might smell bad, which is a common thing that many people deal with. The secret to a good-smelling hallway is to fight the bad odor particles and replace them with scented ones. For this, you can try a mixture of water, alcohol and essential oils that you can put in small jars and spread around the hallway. The alcohol will rapidly evaporate and will take the scented oils into the air with it. This tip also works for bathrooms.