Indoor Garden Ideas to Try this Winter

In order to keep going the experiment of gardening even during the cold months, a very good idea would be to have an indoor garden. Besides the fact that an indoor garden will enhance the appearance of your home, it will also make the air inside much healthier. Indoor plants help add moisture to the air and also filter the air, so you have plenty of reason to grow an indoor garden this winter. To come into your help, we’ve gathered here some useful ideas that you may try during the cold season.

Try Planting Some Herbs

Herbs are an excellent choice for indoor gardening, so you can try planting some this winter. They usually mature quicker than the other plants and they provide fresh herbs for many months. In this manner, you will spice up your winter cooking with tasty herbs without having to go and buy them from the store. The main key to have healthy herbs during the winter is to plant them in a good soil and provide them enough lightning and warmth.

Use a Good Potting Mix

As you may already know, the potting mix you use for your plants is very important. So, choose a potting mix that is made of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite. This particular mix absorbs moisture very well and dries out quickly. Also, they are considered to be sterile, thus you will be sure that your plants won’t have problems with all sorts of diseases or pests.

Help the Plants Grow with LED Grow Lights

Most plants need a good light source to grow and one of the best alternatives is to use LED grow lights. An indoor winter garden powered by LED grow lights will keep your herb and plants fresh all winter and you will also pay less on energy bills. Try them and you will be pleasantly surprised by this new technology that is quite affordable and versatile.

Choose Special Pots and Containers

When coming to pots and containers, they are one of the most important gardening tools for growing indoor plants. There are many pots available on specialized store, so you can find common flower pots, plants boxes, wooden barrels, hanging baskets and so on. Therefore, you have to choose pots that allow water to drain properly so they won’t drown. As a tip, you should line the base of the container with newspaper in order to prevent soil loss.