Pool Designs to Match Your Garden Style

If you are thinking about making your garden more attractive, you can build a swimming pool. Whether you have a large or a small garden, you need to know that there are a lot of pool designs which can match to your garden style.

Choose the contemporary style

If you have a modern house which adopts a clean design, then you can build a pool which will look like an extension of the house. Opt for a classic rectangular design which can satisfy your needs of having a stylish pool in your yard. On the other hand, if your garden is not suitable for this pool shape, you can build a small round pool. This way, you can have in your own garden a personal spa where you can spend enjoyable and relaxing moments. However, whether you will have a rectangular or a round pool, keep in mind to build a wooden deck between your house and the pool. This is an elegant accessory which should be present in your patio design.

Opt for curves

If the traditional rectangular pool is not your strong point, then you can focus on some other options including the circular and semi-circular pools. All these pools with irregular shapes, twists and turns are very popular. Therefore, you can build a circular pool with cool twists which can provide you with a tropical atmosphere. Moreover, if you want to create a modern vibe, choose to install some amazing lighting. Be more creative and design a private and intimate space around your pool area by placing several cushions and some lounge chairs.

Make your holiday at home

What can be more relaxing than having a nice pool in the middle of nature? If you have a savage garden, you can easily build a pool which can let you the feeling of swimming in a lagoon. When you are designing such a pool, make sure you add a lot of flower pots and tall plants around the lounge chairs. This way, you will add more style and naturalness. However, when you build a pool in the middle of nature, you need to consider that it’s quite difficult to keep it clean with so many plants and trees around it. Therefore, it’s recommended to buy a robotic pool cleaner which can be an efficient leaf removal. Moreover, the robotic pool cleaner will provide you with a crystal clear water by removing debris, algae, and dust from the pool.