Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom is something no one likes but this is often the case with most of the apartments that offer little space. Decorating a small bathroom and finding storage room for everything you need to keep in your bathroom is a real challenge but, if you know how to capitalize every inch, you will manage to make the best of your bathroom. Check out our small bathroom storage ideas and try them at home if you want to have a practical and neat bathroom.

Convenient metallic shelves

These metallic shelves are not only functional but also extremely beautiful and can easily blend into any bathroom décor. Our suggestion is to opt for a taller shelf around the toilet and two matching shelves on the sides but you can always play with dimensions and choose the best spots in your bathroom. The best part is that you will manage to capitalize even the space around and above the toilet, which is often left aside.

A cabinet above the tub

Most people use a small shelf or two above the tub to keep their shower products within reach but you can do so much more than that with the space available near your bath tub. This stylish and spacious cabinet that conveniently takes wall space is great for storing towels and baskets holding your personal care products. We advise you to invest in a quality wood that will resist to the splashes from the tub.

Asymmetrical cabinets

A narrow bathroom that can’t fit a bath tub should be equipped with a shower that is more space-saving. As for storage space, your only choice is to opt for wall cabinets that make use of all the space you have available. This narrow bathroom has two asymmetrical cabinets placed beneath the sink and above the toilet to make sure there will be plenty of room for your cleaning products, towels, and cosmetics.

Wall storage

In a small bathroom, your walls will become your best storage places because, this way, you won’t occupy floor space but you will still have enough room to keep everything you need in the bathroom. From small baskets glued to the walls to larger shelves that can hold a variety of products, there are endless wall storage ideas to try in a small bathroom.

Pull-out cabinets

One ingenious storage idea to try at home is a pull-out cabinet built behind the shower. This will help you keep your bathroom products out of sight in a spacious cabinet that will conveniently slide behind the shower. The best part is that you can build the pull-out cabinet behind the plumbing wall so you will manage to wisely use all the space you can.