Technology Advancements for a Safer Home

In order to secure your belongings and protect your privacy, you must increase home security. Fortunately, the numerous technological advancements on the market for security devices make it extremely easy to feel completely safe in your home. If you want to find out which are the greatest technology advancements for a safer home, read the following lines.

Make it seem like you’re at home at all times with the August Doorbell Cam

Burglaries mostly happen during the day, when burglars expect you to be away from home. But with the August Doorbell Cam, this won’t be a reason for worry for you because the device will make it seem like you’re at home at all times. This innovative doorbell camera comes at the price of $200. Whenever the doorbell rings or someone is in front of your door, you get an alert over the smartphone. Also, it allows you to see who is at your door. In addition, the clear two-way audio will allow you to talk to the person on the other side. Therefore, it will seem like you’re at home, which will surely make intruders go away.

Enter in your home using fingerprint recognition with the Samsung SHS-P718 smart door lock

Samsung is one of the most recognizable companies in the world, producing various top of the line appliances, gadgets, and devices. When it comes to increasing home security, this company has proven once again what it is capable of by releasing the Samsung SHS-P718 smart door lock. It costs $450. What makes it such a great option to go with is the fact that it can be opened by fingerprint. This makes it impossible for others to enter your home. Of course, it features other opening methods like user codes and Samsung key tags. This smart door lock boasts a stylish design. Also, it is powered by 8 DC 6V AA batteries that ensure the device will work even in a power outage.

Keep an eye on your home and communicate with those inside it when you’re not around with the Nest Cam security camera

Security cameras are the most important security devices to have. But if you’re looking for a truly innovative and technologically advanced model, you have to buy the Nest Cam. You can use this security camera to keep an eye on your home for the price of $200. The innovative feature of this security device is the fact that it allows you to listen and talk to those who are inside your home when you’re away. This comes especially in handy for those who have children or elders in their households, allowing them not only to monitor what their loved ones are doing but enabling communication as well. It features an impressive 130-degree wide angle that ensures thorough surveillance. It records in 1080p. In addition, it sends you alerts over your phone and photos on your e-mail when it senses motion while you’re away.