The Best Inflatable Hot Tubs for Your Home

7A hot tub for home is among the best alternatives of entertaining, so if you want to enjoy the numerous benefits of such a tub, then you definitely need to know which are the best ones available on the market. A hot tub doesn’t need any special labor to be installed and it can be placed in any part of your home. One of the best things about the hot tubs is that they are portable and they can be easily moved from one placed to another, requiring little maintenance. Also, the hot tubs are very convenient in what concerns the price, so almost everyone could afford them. Nevertheless, due to the fact that there are so many options available on the market, here below you will find out which are the best inflatable hot tubs that will offer you the most interesting features at a reasonable price.

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

This hot tub is perfect for all those who want to relax without having to spend too much money. Besides the fact that it’s very spacious and has enough room for 6 persons, the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa will also offer you the experience of a nice soothing massage, being surrounded by 120 bubble jets. Moreover, the hot tub has a rapid heating system and an integrated water filtration, so you don’t have to worry about the water quality. This model provides a cushioned floor and it can be easily controlled with the help of the digital control panel. Also, the good news is that the price has been reduced from $426.33 to $374.99, so now it’s the best time to purchase it.

Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Portable Hot Tub

Another great hot tub is the Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Portable Hot Tub that accommodates 4 persons and is made of durable and strong material. It features 120 bubble jets and 4 massage jets, all for helping you relax and enjoy a good time with family and friends. The user-friendly digital control panel is easy to use and it allows you to choose the desired temperature and jets. In addition, this particular model comes with a hard water and a salt water sanitation system, so your water will be clean and safe anytime. In order to buy the Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Portable Hot Tub you have to pay $778.69.

Canadian Spa Company CSCHTRG29 Rio Grande

If you’re looking for a more expensive hot tub that is rigid and safe, but at the same time very comfortable, look no further, because the Canadian Spa Company will offer you one of the best hot tubs. All you have to do is to submerge in the hot tub and let the 88 bubble jets give you a full massage that will relieve stress and tension. The Canadian Spa Company CSCHTRG29 Rio Grande is easy to maintain and it can easily be moved from one place to another. Also the rapid heating system will need around 24 hours to reach the maximum temperature, so you don’t have to wait too much time to take a hot bath. The price of this hot tub is $1,174.99 and it can be easily installed by almost anyone.