The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners for an In-ground Pool

Do you have an in-ground pool which you need to clean it very well? If so, then you must purchase a robotic cleaner especially designed for this type of pool, in order to make sure you will obtain an excellent result. Here are some of the best robotic pool cleaners for an in-ground pool that will definitely do a wonderful job.

Aquabot Turbo T

This machine is recommended for in-ground pools of any size and shape. It can highly clean the walls, the floor, and the steps up to the waterline as well. The Aquabot Turbo T robotic pool cleaner features an ultra-fine 2 micron filter system that will remove most of the dirt, no matter how small are the particles. The unit comes with a caddy and a remote control as well. Keep in mind that it is not suitable for tile surfaces. A super-fine mesh filter and a unique pressure washing system are being utilized by this wonderful machine in order to leave the water in your pool extremely clean, while saving energy as well. With the Aquabot Turbo T robotic pool cleaner, you will certainly not have to deal with sand, dust, pollen, algae blooms, and bacteria, because they will quickly and easily be removed.

Dolphin Triton

Another great choice would be this device. It can clean very well the walls of your in-ground pool, and irregular surfaces as well. The unit will scrub, vacuum, and filter in 3 hours. The patented swivel cable will certainly prevent tangling. The Dolphin Triton robotic pool cleaner features an easy-to-clean cartridge filter, and a 1-year warranty for spare parts and labor. There is also an optional remote control for this device, that has a touch guided navigation, for pinpoint accuracy and a great control as well. Overall, it is definitely a unit that will help you have a clean and safe-to-swim pool.

Hayward SharkVac

This definitely one of the best robotic pool cleaners for an in-ground pool. It works very well, no matter the surface. The walls and floor will look excellent. There is an easy top access to the filter cartridge. In about 60 minutes, your swimming pool will look absolutely wonderful. What you will like very much about this device is the fact that it can scan the whole pool and then it can automatically set the most effective cleaning pattern. Furthermore, it uses the same amount of energy as a conventional light bulb. Designed with enhanced technologies, this unit will certainly meet all your needs.