Ways to Highlight Your Hallway

Your hallway is the room that receives your guests and is the place that first impacts your visitors so it needs to make a good impression. This is why you shouldn’t neglect its decoration and you need to put all your efforts into making it stand out. If you are not sure how to do that, here are some simple and smart ways to highlight your hallway.

Make it bright

For your hallway to become interesting, it needs to stand out and what better way than choosing bright colors that differentiate every piece of decoration. White is the best option for painting a hallway because it makes the house feel more welcoming and gives the impression of a larger area. If your hallway has a window, allow it to bring the sun inside instead of crowding it with large curtains and place lights in strategic corners that ensure enough visibility.

Give it a color accent

A great idea to highlight a hallway is to give it a color accent that will make it pop out. In the immensity of white and the brightness of your hallway, place an item in a strong color like a green chair, a red table or, better yet, create an accent wall. Choose one wall of the hallway and paint it in a bold color and it will be enough to make your hallway more friendly and chic.

Create a centerpiece

If you want your hallway to come to life, you will have to make a statement and for that, you need to use one object that will become the centerpiece of the hallway. A great hallway design idea would be an imposing chandelier if you have a large hallway that is hard to highlight. For smaller hallways, opt for a handcrafted table or a baroque sofa that will offer it a royal air.

Make a visual impact

When you first enter a hallway, you will notice the strongest detail that captures your attention so you can use this design trick to make your hallway stand out. Your options and endless and you can go from a large mirror that enlarges the space to an interesting print on the walls or floors that will create a strong visual impact. The black and white combinations are the most popular and you can never go wrong with a geometrical pattern.

Add it a personal touch

Your hallway must carry your personality and if you choose to decorate it in a personal way, you will make it feel cozier. A few photographs of you and your family members can become all the decorations you need for your hallway if you know how to use them to make the hallway feel more intimate. Choose a pattern for the frames and place them randomly on a wall of the hallway.